Energy Independence with Zero Down Financing!

Energy Independence with Zero Down Financing!

A Carbondale Couple’s Story

Working with SoL Energy, a solar company in Carbondale CO, Michael and Beth Mulry were able to trade in their electric bill for a loan payment of about the same monthly cost, get a solar system on their home, and put nothing down!

This retired couple In Carbondale, CO traded thier electric bill for a solar system and a loan payment, with no out-of-pocket costs.
This couple traded their electric bill for a solar system and a low monthly loan payment.

Michael and Beth Mulry are a retired couple on a fixed income living in the Roaring Fork Valley. Beth worked with the school district special needs program. Michael also completed a career with the school system. They are passionate about the environment and wanted to make a difference. The opportunity to get solar on their home was huge for them, “we didn’t know if we could afford to put solar on our home but all of the incentives and financing available made it possible, and with SoL Energy’s guidance it was almost effortless…. We want as many people as possible to know about this and get a solar system on their home. Imagine if everyone in Carbondale had solar!”

Solar Rebates, Tax Credit and Financing…

To make their system feasible the Mulrys took advantage of a variety of rebates, tax credits and financing options. To start, they received a $3000 rebate for their system from CORE* (the Community Office for Resource Efficiency) which covered the down-payment on the loan.$100 Bill Piece Fitted to Solar Panel Piece They also got a $3000 federal tax credit. They financed the remainder with a 20-year loan that covered the cost of the panels and installation. Today they are paying the loan off at $45 per month, about the same as they were paying before for their electric bill.

Plus, the utility bill they gave up will increase 2% – 5% per year and never end. But at the end of their loan they’ll be done- free electricity forever! And if Michael and Beth sell their home before it’s paid off the loan can transfer with the house. Won’t those people be lucky, on their way to free electricity!

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* CORE, the Community Office for Resource Efficiency, works to create measurable improvements in energy and water efficiency to benefit the environment and develop a more sustainable economy. For more information on rebates and other programs visit


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