Steps to Solar Ownership

Steps To Solar Ownership

Free solar consultation

Purchasing a solar system for your home is easy, and SoL Energy’s staff will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the system you need and the service your deserve.

Step 1. Contact SoL Energy to set up a free consultation with one of our Project Managers. Our Project Managers are not paid a commission so there’s no pushy sales process.

Step 2. Initial Consultation: Your Project Manager will discuss your goals and parameters, and perform an initial solar evaluation of your home using online satellite imagery.

Step 3. Site Visit. Your Project Manager will meet with you at your site to further evaluate the solar potential, present an initial proposal, and discuss your system and available incentives and financing options.

Step 4. Technical Design & Proposal:  Shortly after you will receive a technical design and proposal for an appropriate solar system and we will discuss the installation timeline.

Step 5. System Installation: SoL Energy’s staff will ensure all appropriate permitting is complete; install your PV system; perform a thorough site clean up; and apply for any rebates or incentives you are eligible for.

Step 6: Online Performance Monitoring & Support: You will be able to monitor your system’s performance on line and we’ll be there to assist you if you need additional support.



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