Solar Training from Industry Experts


SoL Energy staff have developed and delivered hands-on training to many hundreds of solar industry professionals,— many of whom hold prominent positions in the solar industry today.

We are currently updating our solar industry-training program curriculum but are available to do custom solar training courses to meet your needs. To discuss how we can help meet your training needs, or be contacted about future trainings select the box below to fill out our information form.

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SoL Energy’s solar training services are built on extensive training and real-world experience as a PV integrator. We have helped develop some of the leading solar training programs in the country, and have worked internationally supporting international health work and other important missions.

Training Available:

  • Vocational training in PV system design and installation.
  • Installer training
  • Off grid system design and installation
  • Sales and project management
  • Industry and language specific coarses
  • Technology transfer implementation
  • Managerial programs

Training Experience:

SoL Energy’s training services are built on extensive training and real-world experience as PV integrators. We have helped develop some of the leading training programs in the country and have supported international health work and other important missions around the world.

Ken Olson, President & CEO of SoL Energy, was a co-founder of Solar Energy International (SEI) where he and other staff developed and taught a curriculum that became the one-year vocational certificate-training program in solar energy at Colorado Mountain College.

SoL Energy has provided technical and managerial support to facilitate capacity building and technology transfers for rural electrification and for independent PV power systems for schools, health clinics, homes, and rural cooperatives in need of lighting, communications, water pumping, vaccine refrigeration, and a wide range of other uses.

SoL Energy was hired by the World Health Organization to develop a photovoltaic installation course to teach refrigeration technicians employed by the Ministries of Health to install, maintain, and repair solar powered vaccine refrigerators/freezers in un-electrified communities. The course was taught throughout Latin America, primarily in Spanish, over a ten-year period to support the effort to eradicate Polio, requiring improved vaccine refrigeration.